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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  June 24, 2019 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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>>and thanks for joining us on a monday, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher kicking off the workweek with hopefully nice weather this week hopefully nice traffic for you this morning at 5 so far. >>it's early starting off hot spot free, it's just filling in on the bridges a done deal say like how are you at 05:00am league right so and temperatures are cooling off a bit was getting a little toasty of the week it was a little tense and write some 90's you know it's summer >>but the nation was a mess around but we are actually al looking at a nice cool down in the days to come so if that weather was just too hot for you this weekend don't worry too much we are in for a cool forecast ahead of us as for this morning, it's nice and cool out there, but most notably it's just really foggy across the golden gate on across the peninsula out to the east bay for the north bay know looking at much fog to any at all it's the peninsula
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and the east bay that is see in those dense fog conditions this morning by the time we work towards 08:00am this morning. a lot of that fog will have loosened its grip starting to see some clearing skies and then plenty of sunshine returns this afternoon. so it's only a matter of time and we do see a big warm up in temperatures ahead of us taking us to get daytime highs near where they were yesterday, not so many 90's is there will be upper 80's though so we're already starting to cool down the big cool down though will that still ahead of us and i'll get to it still to come. robin, thank you john. >>and we want to check in on the verge of starting off with the richmond center fell looking good so far here in west bound 5.80 it's very light very quiet trouble free with no big problems to the north bay oakland to san francisco, 80 west one of our busiest bridges bause the cash planes are already stacked up from 8.80 that over crossing your average in 12 minutes to make it and here's another busy bridge 92, very quiet but the see the brake lights, lots right 13 minutes
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and growing from hayward over to the peninsula will check more coming up james started. >>thanks a lot. so breaking news we're following this morning 5 people are dead in a murder suicide in san jose kron 4 sarah stinson is live now with the latest on what happened sarah. yeah very sketch says. >>very scary situation. the people who live in this neighborhood. 4 victims were killed and the shooter took his or her own life a very intense situation, the people who live in this neighborhood a total of 5 people were killed as they said no we're standing at the worsening near where this happened which is the 500 block of habits court. map for you there's about 3 miles southeast of downtown san jose police were called at about 8 40 last night by multiple people in the area saying they heard shots fired with video from the scene very intense video. police arrived when they saw it. 2 adults exiting the house each suffering from at least one gunshot wound. bulls of those people were taken to hospital
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where they later died from their injuries. as well as 2 people were shot and killed here on the seats that's for victims. the several people escape the house and are being questioned right now. police evacuated, the entire street. a swat teams negotiators work to contact suspect and get him or her to stand down. multiple flash bangs were used though it's unclear if the shooter. well did confirm just moments ago that the shooter did take his life. but in terms of in terms of what the circumstances are there still a lot more to learn about this they're investigating the scene right now. but 8 people are displaced and are being taken care of at the 7 trees community center making sure everyone is fed and you know just emotionally taking care of because it was just a terrifying situation. but in terms of who the shooter was male or female, the name age waiting on a ton of information so stay tuned, but
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overall just scary situation and police are still here investigating what happened we'll send it back to you. >>all right, thanks a lot we'll check back with sarah for more details throughout the morning at 5 oh 3 we have more breaking news overnight that evacuation order has been lifted after firefighters contained a grass fire in fremont several homes near the mission boulevard area were evacuated as a precaution. the fire burned about 15 acres on a hill just north of blaze, dale way. firefighters say the blaze is suspicious they're working with police right now to determine if this is a case of arson luckily, nobody was hurt. a firefighter was hurt though when flames broke out in a massive fire in pittsburgh. it happened on piedmont way right off of highway 4 it started in a homeless encampment on the north side of the property. cell phone video shows the heavy smoke that filled the sky around the elite roofing supply company and look at that. firefighters were on ladders trying to tackle it from every angle. a number spot fire started around the property because of the wind carrying embers. >>we were able quickly jump on
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all of those and get those uh out before they cause that a significant damage to any other business is worth a tremendous plume of smoke coming off of this fire, tremendous we heard that reports that it was visible all the way up to stockton. >>the majority of thdamage was in the backyard of the business where another company keep supplies. the firefighter who was hurt is expected to make a full recovery. >>time now oh 5 in the south bay, the mayor hope he does is offering a $10,000 reward to help find the gunman who killed a driver 30 year-old matthew rios was driving home on 6.80 last monday when someone fired shots at his car. his body was found in his car north of landis avenue. mayor rich tran set up this reward and people the community have been offering contributions to help rios his family. >>really want to show the the old area and the region that not going to offer these types of acts to her we care about each other and we look after each other. and this reward is so hopefully something that
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will lead to justice for the family. >>rios is death was one of 6 freeway shootings in the bay area the span of a week. it's 5 oh 5 right now in a man is facing murder charges for the death of a woman in san francisco over the weekend her body was found on alvarado street in know we've alley. a witness went to the police department saturday morning and told the officers that his friend may have killed someone police went to the scene they found the dead woman and a man was arrested for the murder, but we don't have his name. it's 5 oh 6, 2, people were killed in a car crash that happened in san francisco over the weekend. the crash happened sunday morning on 3rd street and paul avenue in the bayview a man was killed at the scene a woman died at the hospital and another woman was injured in the crash. crash simply paid player police are still looking to see what caused the crash of the first place. >>in similar news, one person is dead following a car crash in napa that crash happened in
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the silverado resort and spa on atlas peak road. we don't know much police have released too many details all we know is one person died at the scene a second person was taken to the hospital with major injuries. a warning out for dog owners in the bay area and there's been an outbreak of canine flu. that outbreak so far has sickened more than 50 dogs at oakland animal services, shelter operators believe all of these dogs will likely become infected. dog flu is highly contagious and in some cases can be deadly symptoms include sneezing coughing. high fever low energy. it's easily passed from one animal to another and veterinarians say the best course of action oight now is for dog owners to get a vaccine. >>and to encourage people to hold and animals that they can. again an emergent situations we will take them, but the odds are that we take a dog and it's going to get sick so we're really seeking help in preventing that from happening. >>you may remember the canine flu first arrived in the south bay back in january of last year and just one. a month of
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outbreak left. i should say just one month of that outbreak left a 188 dogs sick. >>it's 5 oh 7 30 is horse has now died at the santa anita racetrack in southern california. it was a thoroughbred named american currency and that of course what became lame on saturday morning a broken ankle and had to be euthanized the track also has banned. now hall of famer trainer jerry hollendorfer from the facility he trained for of the forces that have died including that latest one several trainers have been investigated because of the deaths and some results could be released this week. >>this week, san francisco becomes the first us city to ban e cigarettes the board of supervisors expected to make the final decision tomorrow. >>advocates say it's a major effort to cracking down a youth vaping but opponents say that it will not effectively addressed the problem.
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>>well many undocumented immigrants are now facing even more uncertainty now the president trump has delayed planned ice raids across the country including cities right here in the bay area. the president gave congress 2 more weeks to come up with a solution at the border in exchange for delaying the raids. the planned raids would have would have started yesterday. the centro legal deller aza in oakland works to protect immigrants and director says it's important to be prepared and to know your rights. >>everyone should have a family plan. you should know that if the worst happens, it's you know, mom and dad picked up to that were or taken away and predawn hours by immigration officials that there's a person already designated who's going to go pick up the kid from school you know take on some type of limited guardianship of the children. >>the organization is also encouraging families to speak to an immigration attorney about their legal options and know what documents to carry with them at all times. the white house is set to announce new sanctions today against iran that comes after last
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week's downing of us drone the president after that ordered a military strike against iran but then called it off with just 10 minutes to spare. he concluded that it was not a proportional response to the downing of an unmanned drone 2 outspoken senators are split on whether the strike should have happened in the first place. >>that iran doesn't have a firm set of boundaries drawn around its behavior. we're going to see an attack on a us ship or us manned aircraft a war with iran would be even worse well, the loss of life. never ending war in that region, massive instability so i will do everything i one. >>to stop a war >>president trump has said he doesn't want to start a war with iran he tweeted that if tehran agrees to a nuclear ban. it could become a productive and prosperous nation again we'll see what happens. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news who's expected to take the stand at the ghost ship warehouse trial as it continues today, we'll have the latest on the story plus dozens of people spent the weekend honoring a
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california officer who was shot and killed in the line of duty and after the break a look at the moment, an officer rescued a child and her grandmother from a burning home. and temperatures this morning in the 50's and 60's not all that bad of a way to start the day but may want to throw on a light jacket. >>i've got your forecast for the rest of your monday still to come. and i'm tracking your monday morning commute. already very busy and crowded at the bay bridge toll leave or you need to get into lowe's knows you're the deal hunter who does things right. who's armed with research and finally ready to roll. we do it right, too. with huge savings on the brands you want. so, happy hunting.
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if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. serious allergic reactions may occur. how sexy are these elbows? ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. >>when missouri grandmother lost her home and everything inside of it to a fire despite the loss, she's thankful for the first responders who saved her life benton bland and has the story. >>help for latanya heart and her granddaughter arrived when i knew from my love right there to me to get her out
5:15 am
there. if i'd my home move trial michael k. thank you thank you that somebody >>before the hazelwood police officer and neighbor, there was another so kind of we live in if we didn't help the henry dial 911 when she saw flames inside her neighbor's house they're pretty. >>like i said wh n it first came out my house. i thought sos barbecuing body. cam video released by hazelwood police shows with officer rodriguez saw and did. >>he pulled a 3 year-old girl from a basement window, almost just as fast. plus the a kid. the past. >>the little girl to a neighbor seconds later he a neighbor out so guilty ran back to the window to get the girls bread >>i've never over the
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>>comes once the officer pulled we're talking heart out of the window and in some fresh air. his body camera caught. we're trading in some of that warm air from. >>the interior the state with the motion cool there which is really going to cool not just the co stuff, but also our inland areas off that's for today, we're stuck in between were still a more so like this weekend and then the days to come ahead of us temperatures in the 60's 70's on the peninsula and still holding on to the 80's and even in some cases, the 90's elsewhere in the bay. mid 80's in san jose 84 degrees. tri valley out of the 90's but still in the upper 80's with livermore at 89 while conquered sharing that same number with walnut creek in danville falling just a few degrees from yesterday
5:17 am
to 88 today, oakland and berkeley each at 72, while still in the 90's and pittsburgh in vacaville, little bit cooler as you would expect out towards the coast just take a look at the temperatures in the days to come and you see the difference. i'm talking about from 90's this weekend in land only the 70's inland by wednesday and thursday. so definitely a cooler next few days ahead of us. they're already going to feel the difference today, but it's really going to be noticeable come tomorrow in the middle of the week by the bay you're also going to see a difference taking you from the 70's to the 60's and at the coast with persistent fog. you can expect temperatures only in the 50's at times. robin thank you john let's check in on bay area bridges starting off of highway 92 little trip here westbound. >>levy hayward heading over to the peninsula it is getting busy more and more brake lights, fed. no problem so if you go ahead and leave now it's going to be a great trip from the east bay over to the peninsula with no big trouble spot. we're checking in on the bay bridge to drive into san francisco already stacking up from the 8.80 over crossing the cash lanes and the fast
5:18 am
track lanes no major issues here but yes, it's busy and just under 15 minutes to make it over to fremont street, here's a trouble spot. this is westbound 24 and lafayette, it's right after the 6, 8, emerged just getting word of a new crash that's blocking and it's backing you up on to south 6.80 as you emerge to west 24. so a little bit of a slowdown. but overall 6.80 looks great after the crash, 24 is wide open out of lafayette are and into the caldecott tunnel. the shore freeway clocking in at 16 minutes from crockett to oakland, you're fine on the macarthur and the nimitz heading into downtown oakland, we'll look at some more numbers and freeways coming up darya thanks a lot 5.18 and a tense american has died while visiting the dominican republic. >>the tory oak harris from new york died last week he had trouble breathing and then he may have also had a heart attack. the dominican republic officials say that the deaths are all isolated events. 2 of the victims were found at the
5:19 am
hard rock hotel and casino in punta konya yesterday, the roads or said that it was going to remove alcoholic dispensers located in the guest rose some victims believe that they got sick from drinking alcohol that was contaminated. 5 18 3 people were rescued when their car when in the monterey bay. 2 people were trapped in the car. and a 3rd person rushed into the water to help them and then all 3 had to be rescued firefighters put a letter out there. >>and save them. they some of them suffered hypothermia, but they're going to be ok. >>2 people died when a church bus crashed. in colorado, 5 adults and 10 children were on this bus yesterday when it hit an embankment. under a bridge near pueblo colorado. a lot of people went to the hospital as well with injuries. >>the man who drove into a crowd of protesters killing a woman during a rally in charlottesville, virginia is asking for a lighter sentence james fields junior set to be sentenced in federal court on
5:20 am
friday. back in 2017 he drove his car into a crowd of protesters during a white nationalist and neo-nazi demonstration killing a woman injuring dozens more. the 22 year-old pleaded guilty to 29 hate crimes just to avoid the death penalty field his attorney is now asking for a shorter prison sentence because of his young age and history of mental illness. shows the moment an officer in missouri rescued a 3 year-old and her grandmother from a house fire. a neighbor called police when she saw flames inside the family's home and the officer was the first person to get there. he pulled the child from the basement window and then passed her to the neighbor and then seconds later he and another neighbor ran back to that window to get the girl's grandmother. >>when i knew from my love right there to get me to get her out there. if i'd my home move trial michael k. thank you know, thank you that somebody >>know what. to me.
5:21 am
>>yeah the family lost everything they had in that fire but at least that young girl and her grandmother were pulled out safely. >>a bear in montana went into a bedroom and and took a nap. it's not a joke, it's real and they even a video. >>shelf didn't use the bed. this was friday morning. so he got in say that the it was dead bolted the door was that doesn't stop there's oh he ripped apart, the mud room that he got tired and took a little snooze. wildlife officials tranquilized him so that they can move him. she likes a firm. 5.21 and still ahead of the look at firefighters in the east bay rescuing a goat with that goal got stuck in a drain. look like you want to be rescued very much does and after the
5:22 am
break. a dodgers fan hit by a foul ball.
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>>on this monday morning, waking up to some fog in parts of the bay but not so much the lick observatory nor really the rest of the south bay can see the first light of day out there on one of these longest days of the year at this point now your days are about to
5:25 am
gradually get shorter from friday, the start of summer to now your day or sunrise is actually a minute later already source starting to slowly see effects of just a gradual shortening of days ahead of us. temperatures right now are in the 50's and 60's with livermore in san jose each at 61 degrees currently they were to 56 oakland and fremont each at 59 right now and i've been talking a lot today about how temperatures are going to be just a touch cooler this afternoon we're still going to be hot especially inland. take a look at these near triple digit temperatures out in the central valley for san francisco minutes low 70's today, much like we were this weekend with our inland spots later this week looking more like the coast. the knot with highs falling into the 70's out dll the way into our inland spots as well. robert. >>thank you john traffic continues to fill in and quickly at the bay bridge toll plaza so for those of you who are about to make that drive into san francisco. here's a live. look you see on all the
5:26 am
headlines right, no problems, no major issues us a lot of heavy traffic and yes. the backup rb spills out to 8.80 and west grand so it's just going to heavier by the minutes to get on out there. at 14 minutes for average to fremont street accident still wrapping up your lafayette west 24 right after the 16 the split. they've managed to move it off to the shoulder but not without backing up traffic on to south 6.80 so as you emerge out of wannacry on to west 24 the crash on the shoulder but traffic backed up back to you. thank you very much. >>a dodgers fan was taken to the hospital after she was hit by foul ball. and there's the video cody hit that ball and. african bounced off a woman. during the first inning she was sitting just beyond the protective netting that extends the to the end of the visiting dugout now challengers is checked on her between and apparently she was okay enough that they only needed to give her a nice but she left about 15 minutes later. you may remember a woman died last august after
5:27 am
she was hit in the head by a foul ball dodger stadium and fans their hit by foul ball is last month in houston at chicago white sox game as well and that's been freezing discussions about maybe extending that netting even farther out than it is now. >>san jose police are investigating a murder suicide that have left 5 people dead. we'll have details coming up plus intense video from the oh! oh! oh! ♪ ozempic®! ♪ (announcer) people with type 2 diabetes are excited about the potential of once-weekly ozempic®. in a study with ozempic®, a majority of adults lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than seven and maintained it. oh! under seven? and you may lose weight. in the same one-year study, adults lost on average up to 12 pounds. oh! up to 12 pounds? a two-year study showed that ozempic® does not increase the risk of major cardiovascular events like heart attack, stroke, or death. oh! no increased risk? ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪
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>>30 right now the breaking news that we're following this morning as 5 people are dead in a murder suicide that happened in san jose for more on this story kron 4 sarah stinson joins us live with the latest share. >>yeah the scene is safe now, but it was a scary situation of the people who live here in this neighborhood. we still are where they have blocked off where we're standing right now that's habits. court and creamer circle. but we know that 4 victims were killed in the shooter took their own life. but take a look at this map you can see where we're standing this happened in the 500 block of habits court. this is about 3 miles southeast of downtown san jose. police were called about 8 40 last night by multiple people in the area saying they heard shots fired when police arrived they saw 2 adults, exiting the house each suffering from at least one gunshot wound. now both of those people were taken to the
5:31 am
hospital where they later died from their injuries plus 2 people were shot and killed on scene at the home. several people escape the house and are being questioned now they're not sure exactly how many people were there at the time. but police evacuated the entire street to be safe. swat teams to go she year all work to contact the suspect and get that person to stand down. multiple flash bangs were used hours later the shooter ended up killing themselves. still no details on who this person is well there's a man or woman what age. waiting on that information we do know 8 people have been displaced and they're being taken care about the 7 trees community center. they're making sure everyone is fed and also just taking care of emotionally and physically after such a long and intense night. they're hoping to get people back in their homes around 8 or 9 this morning, but they still have a lot to investigate here. a lot more to figure out we'll be standing by here to give you the latest wilson back to you know in the studio. >>ok thank you sir, 5.31 is a
5:32 am
time right now want to get a look at weather and traffic on this monday morning and we're in for a little cool down john yeah, cool down ahead of us guys and i think a welcome cool down after this weekend's he that were as you remember daytime highs over the past couple of days. we're in the 90's for some spots now this morning which are noticing more than anything else. it's just that dense fog that settled in for the east bay, this is your view from berkeley this morning that fog really obscuring the bay itself somehow really seen too much. the city lights down below visibility has increased out towards happened and along the coast and you're already seeing fog starting to loosen its grip on some of those areas it was very dense this morning by the time we work into the later part of the morning you're already going to see skies really clearing out you across the bay right now as you can see dimly out there not much of a view at all as fog is still pretty tense. so 50's and 60's and foggy to start but by the afternoon. we're still holding on to the war in finland high temperatures nearing 90's in some cases but that won't be
5:33 am
the case for much longer i'm talking that cool down still ahead your forecast. robin and i have a slow down and it's on 80 heading into san francisco. >>the traffic leading up to the bay bridge toll plaza officially at a crawl officially backed up. >>to the bottom of the maze but without any crashes or interruptions so we're at 14 minutes and growing to make it into fremont street which is still a great drive time richmond center fell bridge is not really picked up much maybe a minor way off and on in some of the cash lanes but a great trip to the north bay and very busy on 92 brake lights city here rolling west, it is crowded on the flat section but a good trip overall to foster city and send tale daria thanks a lot rob, 5.33 and a 3 year-old boy died when he was hit by a pickup truck in san jose. >>saturday morning it happened at the intersection of south 24th street and the santa clara street. the child's mother was walking with the child to a business when the boy get out of the car our and walked into the lot and the driver of a pickup. ended up
5:34 am
by a vehicle ended up hitting the child the driver of a pickup took the mother and the son to the hospital where the boy died. today the wife of one of the defendants charged in the deadly go ship warehouse fire trial in oakland takes the stand to max harris and derick almena are charged with 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. last thursday elm and his attorney started presenting evidence in his defense. a childhood friend got on the stand talked and today. al mean his wife will testify. the yemeni community came together to remember a cab driver who was fatally stabbed in san mateo a 32 year-old abdul malik and nasher was stabbed to death last week on skyline boulevard in san mateo county. a 26 year-old man faces charges for his death and will be in court today, big crowd gathered at the fiji mosque. saturday
5:35 am
afternoon in south san francisco for prayer. >>through any committee to not only in the bay area that and all over the united states because this person is very well-known for the community into the consulate. i know him for the bust a of yours time that i have a meeting the fed is in no question had to be the first one to halt. >>nationally 2 behind a 4 year-old daughter. a memorial was held over the weekend honoring the sacramento police officer who was shot and killed in the line of duty. >>dozens of people attended last night's vigil for officer tara o'sullivan itzhak state, the 26 year-old was killed while responding to a domestic call electeofficials joined family and friends and other members of the community to pay their respects for the fallen officer, another memorial for a sullivan will be held thursday at a church in roseville. following o'sullivan's death a sacramento animal shelter brought in dogs to help dispatchers deal with the
5:36 am
stress of that tragic 911 call one of the dispatchers found a special connection with the dog as a result of that situation. he says he knew right away. he wanted to take that animal home. >>he's really helped a lot he'helped us track. there was a hard situation goes around. so he's really kind of a help me through it. >>the puppy's name is short for sullivan in honor of the fallen officer. kaiser permanente's receiving some backlash from mental health therapist last month kaiser and the warriors announced a new partnership. >>a3d newly obtained documents show just how much the health care company is willing to invest their kron four's will bellow breaks it all down. acre area sir. >>the warriors home will be named wright city with for years and kaiser leadership calling it a community cat the ring space where there will be high programs and a farmers market but some kaiser caregivers say the nearly million that kaiser plans to
5:37 am
invest in bribes city should actually be going to patient care. >>my patients are tied. >>clinical psychologist making fitzpatrick has been working for kaiser for nearly 8 years. he says the health care companies mental health clinics are understaffed and under resourced my patients. >>after what 6 weeks before i can offer them another point in the coming to see. >>kron 4 obtained documents through the national union of healthcare workers showing that during a finance meeting in december 20 16 kaiser voted on e partnership plan with the warriors for an amount not to exceed million. this coupled with the company's new million corporate headquarters plan for oakland has the union frustrated both those things seem like a very >>and regrettable and insulting way to spend our patients. >>requests for comment from kaiser were not returned
5:38 am
sunday. fitzpatrick says the union has brought these issues to them before, but he feels the health care company is more concerned with its public image than the care, it's actually provide a they're willing to spend. >>hundreds of millions if not well over a billion dollars an office space and course naming rights. shows that their priorities are misplaced and the values are misaligned or the community that they. say they're trying to serve in san francisco know al bello kron 4 news. >>still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, what city leaders found inside a building that force them to remove dozens of people from their homes in california. >>plus how garbage workers were able to help a california woman find a family. heirloom that she accidently threw away more on that coming up in a minute.
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>>the kron 4 morning news, thanks for staying with us and waking up with us we're checking in on your morning commute just in case you're about to roll out right now we're looking at the bridges son. they're doing well, no major issues, no big problems but filling in and and getting busy. here's the san mateo bridge west 92, and it's about 13 minutes here to make your way over to the peninsula that's a great drive time with no major problems to report, here's a look at highway for getting busy but not that 18 minutes antioch to concord still at the limit 6.80 pacheco 2 danville and the nimitz filling in but also not that 24 minutes and growing from 2.38 to 2.37 will check more coming up in a bit stay with us.
5:42 am
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>>time now is 5.45 there's a new exhibit that's commemorating the 50th anniversary of the moment that astronaut neil armstrong landed on the moon. it's called the luminous moon and the exhibit is at the chabot space and science center and features more than 50 stunning high-resolution lunar are tough at resolution images that that lunar artifacts and the interactive opportunities for kids of all ages to check it out the exhibit runs through september. with the
5:45 am
latest on the forecast and it was a little toasty for the lynn valleys this weekend looks like we got a little bit of relief coming this way he a good weekend to be in the because around for a scene where we are looking at some relief at of us in the forecast to especially into middle of the week when temperatures for some areas that were in the 90's will fall into the 70's, so you won't be able to miss it is you're stepping outside it will be night and day the way it was feeling. >>this is your look at san francisco this morning obviously pretty foggy to start the day in the city down in the south bay as much the opposite some nice clear skies overhead around san jose, looking at the east bay that you are above the clouds in the berkeley hills right here looking down at that fog that still is settled in across the bay this morning. so we do have clear skies once we get rid of that fog today and under those clear skies, we're still going to be pretty warm inland our inland areas rising
5:46 am
to temperatures in the 80's and in some cases, the 90's but it isn't going to stay that way replacing this warm interior air that's been pushed out to the bay over the past few days by some nice ocean cool there and you see that hanging out with some cloud cover pushing on into the bay as soon as tomorrow that cloud cover a sign of the direction that those winds are shifting to allowing some of our inland areas to cool just as much as our coastal areas well with daytime highs in the 6070's today at the coast being pretty similar to where inland spots are going to be in just a matter of days dropping into the 70's. temperatures in the from burlingame up to san francisco south san francisco. i should say in the low to mid 70's today with a range of 80's elsewhere like i mentioned we're still holding on to some of those warmer temperatures today. although it isn't going to be quite as warm as it was this weekend for the tri valley, it's out of the 90's and into the upper 80's as for conquered you're falling below that ninety-degree mark but just barely 89 with a couple
5:47 am
spots like vacaville in pittsburgh still in the low 90's today, some 60's out along the coast of those 90's are little to warm well, you know the places to go where it will be nice and cool temperatures from today into tomorrow cool from the upper 80's to low 80's and then you see it there. wednesday and thursday inland spots down into the 70's and even coastal areas seeing a bit of a cool down taken us from the upper 60's to the upper 50's by the middle of the week. robert thank you john let's head over to the golden gate bridge. we want to check in on highway one oh one for people commuting from the north bay. >>to san francisco. foggy that we can see the traffic once it makes so way over to the san francisco side and it's moved for now so we have no problems here on highway one south 19 minutes right on time novato to the toll plaza now the bay bridge traffic 80 was that's much heavier back to be on a day to be on west grand spilling back to the bottom of the maze. we've had no problems no issues we all wanted to write. 13 minutes
5:48 am
and growing from the bottom of the maze off to fremont street. so we call this a pretty decent commute. now i do have a new crash on the one at creekside of 6.80 the south 6.80 near north main couple of lanes blocked you can see it backing up. toward a pleasant hill and conquered out to 2.42. there's another little pocket of slowing on west 24 after 6.80 because of an earlier crash are pretty much slow traffic here from concord on 6.80 south through wanted creek because of the crash and then merging on to west 24 because of that earlier accident just adding to your commute traffic right so 17 minutes and growing which is still not bad but enough of a problem to leave early because it's backing you up 17 minutes, my way for out to danville i'll give you one more san leandro north to 38 east 14th, new accident there popped up traffic already cross falling from 5.80 west in castro valley and then when you make it to the nimitz that's low southbound from to 38 to 92 james. >>all right robin thank you.
5:49 am
time now is 5.48 a local coalition in east palo alto's getting a million grant to build affordable housing and improve transit, 13 and a half million dollars will pay for the construction of a 128 new units at like tree apartments on bayshore road and that includes 14 units for the formerly homeless disabled and youth sam trans will be using 6 and a half million to buy 3 electric buses for a planned bus route linking east palo alto with bart and it will also provide light tree. residents with transit passes as well. the city will use the remaining million to install sidewalks bikeways and improved bus stops. in the east bay, the city of hayward is getting a financial boost to provide permanent housing for the homeless. it received nearly a million dollars in state funding to support its new housing navigation center. that's what the navigation center will look like what you see on your screen. it's expected to open this fall at what cell and depot roads about 45 people can stay there as they transition to long-term housing. oakland
5:50 am
firefighters rescued a goat from a 40 foot deep drainage pipe. so the fire department posted this video of the weekend on social media apparently the gold fell down that steel piping got stuck in a drain. it's near the leona canyon, regional open space preserve the goat was among a group that was brought in to clear the brush in an effort to try and help reduce the chance of wildfire. it took crews more than 2 hours to rescue that go from the pipe. it was a team effort as you can see that again the go just fine this morning. free adoption event is underway with the contra costa animal services more than a 100 dogs and cats of all ages are looking for their forever home and you could the conflict cute. the animals were available shelters in martinez and the adoption event ends july 6th. >>5.50 is a time right now and and nearly 40 people, including children were forced out of their home in south l a because the building was not coded for people to live
5:51 am
there. city leaders say that residents in that building we're living in deplorable conditions. there was human waste cockroaches trash all over rats were found throughout the building and in these conditions, you know much they were paying forent as much as $700 a month. they got for ending this place out that wasn't even coated to have residents in it. the owner of the building could now face criminal charges. >>a fire safety systems were never designed in this building there there are no sprinklers are no working smoke alarms. it's not something that was ever designed for permanent residency, not right you know you don't kill people longest struggling now know what to do it our way to go. >>the fire department is working to try to bring that building up to code the residents who are displaced are being moved into 5 different housing locations. >>workers in folsom helped a woman find her missing wedding ring. well it was missing
5:52 am
because she actually chuck debt. she checked in the trash and then moments after she did that it was picked up by the garbage man and women. so she called the city and they were able to stop that garbage truck and the workers and the woman and her son they all started getting into the 300 bags of trash that risen in there that ring by the way that she chucked was a 100 years old it belonged to her grandmother and they found it. >>we'll cut for right time now is 5.52 and as we head to break, here's a quick live look outside we've got ours. cameron san francisco international airport, hey looks nice and clear here hopefully that means no delays for incoming flights but we'll keep an eye on it and let you know we'll be back with more in just a minute.
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>>one was grandmother lost her home and everything inside of it to a fire despite the loss, she's thankful for the first responders who saved her life benton bland and has the story. >>help for latanya heart and her granddaughter arrived when i knew from my love right there to me to get her out there. if i'd my home move trial michael k. thank you know what thank you that somebody >>before the hazelwood police
5:59 am
officer and neighbor, there was another so kind of we live in if we didn't help the hit redial to 911 when she saw flames inside her neighbor's house and they're pretty. >>like i said when it first came out my house. i thought so was barbecuing body. cam video released by hazelwood police shows with officer rodriguez saw and did. >>he pulled a 3 year-old girl from a basement window, almost just as fast. plus the kids.
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